The Lich Part 1
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date Feb 14, 2011
Written by Tom Wheeler
Directed by Karen Gaviola
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Zombies invade Palm City.


Vince and the gang discover that Janet has actually dug herself out of her grave after being thought murdered. They take her back to the carnival and put a wet washcloth on her head while Vince decides that it's time to tell everyone about the Lich. That's a file of a sort among the Palm City police force that any unsolved or "supernatural" case winds up in. What Vice cant understand is why the Lich; who has been dormant for years is suddenly acting up now.&nbsp Meanwhile, Peter Fleming is planning a Founder's Day parade, which will coincide with the Lich's apparent plan to poison the city's population with the zombie drug. Unless something is done thousands will be killed or converted in to the Lich's zombified victims.. Also, Fleming is trying to use Palm City's ports to smuggle weapons. But it turns out the land needed for this operation may actually be owned by the missing offspring of the actual city founders… a kid named Conrad Chandler.

Orwell manages to track an all grown-up now Conrad down in an asylum. Ravaged physically and mentally from his years of abuse and abandonment, Conrad elicits pity from Orwell. The Cape realizes he's been following the wrong lead the whole time and Orwell finds herself in serious danger...