Gregor the Great
Portrayed by Thomas Kretschmann
First appearance Kozmo
Occupation Escape Artist

Gregor Molotov was one of the best escape artists ever and trained by Max. Max, the previous owner of the Cape had promised the Cape to Gregor, who comes to retrieve it from Max. The wearer of the Cape is known as Kozmo and Gregor believes that in his hands it can be an invaluable weapon. Desperate to get it at all costs, he almost kills Max and attacks Orwell and Vince.

Gregor demonstrated and bragged about his greater control of the Cape while attacking Vince.  However Vince managed to wrap the middle portion of the cape around Gregor's neck forcing him to choose between release Vince from its grasp or choking himself.  Gregor's obsessive personality wouldn't let him surrender, so he succumbed to unconsciousness.

Inspite of the threat he posed, Vince chose to be the better man and refused to kill the fallen murder. He was transfered to Owl Island's prision, despite having the ability to escape again.