• JoePlay

    Over at the Marvel Database, Wikia is giving away a fantastic Comic-Con Exclusive Prize Pack. Enter now!

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  • Bchwood


    January 17, 2011 by Bchwood

    The Cape averaged over 8 million viewers last night and led its timeslot in key demographics for its second hour as far as overnight ratings reports go. The show seemed to keep most of its audience throughout. If these numbers keep up for new installments, it could be encouraging....

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  • Scarecroe

    Welcome to The Cape Wiki

    September 13, 2010 by Scarecroe

    Glad you stopped by! We're getting ready for NBC's new hero drama coming sometime this season (anyone hear of an actual premiere date yet?). The show looks like a solid cast including fan favorite Summer Glau, Jennifer Ferrin (remember her as Sam's mom on the US version of Life on Mars?), character actor Keith David, Vinnie Jones (who played Juggernaut in the last X-Men movie), and a host of others.

    Are you tuning in to watch a particular cast member?

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